Our Amazing Cloudburst Cooling Systems

Our Cloudburst Systemsm can drop temperatures on those incredibly hot days in our Metro area. On an extremely hot day when temperatures are in the 90s and humidity is sitting between 40 and 80 percent, A Cloudburst System can drop the temperatures up to 20 and 30 degrees. This will make any outdoor setting more attractive to any guests you may be expecting!

If you’re home is the gathering place for all the family and friend parties, then you will want the outside to be a main part of your pertaining area. Don’t let the hot temperatures keep everyone trapped inside your house making it a crowded space that people can’t enjoy. If pesky bugs, including mosquitoes and any others keep you from utilizing your back yard, then maybe our Insect Control System is what you need. The all natural Riptide kills over 60 flying insects that can ruin your outside fun. We can make your back yard and outdoor entertainment area one that all your neighbors will be envious of!

A simple hose bib or water source along with a simple 110v outlet can keep your restaurant at full capacity all summer long. The hot days do not have to keep your customers inside and your outside patio useless. The Cloudburst System can keep temperatures 20 to 30 degrees cooler on your patio. Customers will flock to your restaurant so they can still sit outside and enjoy the outdoors as well as your nostalgic cooling system. Keep all your tables usable and keep your table turnover at its maximum; driving your gross income to record levels.

The price of installation can pay itself back in weeks and possibly days in some circumstances.

Contact Hawkeye Systems at 618-887-9440 immediately to get an on sight demo and a proposal. We will only need minutes of your time.

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