If you own a restaurant at an open-air shopping mall

If you own a restaurant at an open-air shopping mall or on a trendy main street, there’s nothing better than having outdoor dining. Sitting outdoors appeals to customers wanting to enjoy optimum fresh air, people-watching, or some vitamin D from a sunny day. But what if the day is a scorcher, making your attractive outdoor seating less than pleasant for people wanting to cool off in the air-conditioning? Hawkeye outdoor cooling is a perfect solution for your perfect outdoor dining space… all summer long!

Cloudburst Cooling System have been around awhile, but the newer technologies are even better at producing a cooling mist without making patrons feel damp or sticky. Through flash evaporation, a small 10-nozzle system can offer up to 80,000 BTU’s of cooling per gallons of water using only 800 watts of power. This is a fraction of the power it takes to cool the area by other methods, dropping the air’s temperature up to 30 degrees. When misting fans are added, even better results can be achieved!

Today’s misting systems create a cool, enticing environment for customers wanting to enjoy the outdoors as they dine. As a restaurant owner, you will also realize how stunning your patio will look to people as they pass-by, wondering where they should spend their evening out or lunch hour. Hawkeye Systems will make the decision much easier for potential customers! And, you’ll appreciate that even on the hottest days, you will have enough seating for everyone wanting to enjoy some good food, wine and conversation since your outside dining will remain an attractive option.

Call Hawkeye Systems today and find out what custom solution is available for your restaurant, bar or pub. Keeping customers cool is our top priority! Contact us at 618-887-9440 or find us on Facebook.

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