Smartmist is the industrial system designed by the Cloudburst professionals. The Smartmist Systems are helping factories, grocery stores and many other industrial giants reach their desired cooling levels while saving the each company money as well. Everyone likes the idea of putting money back into your own pocket, especially large companies that want to be the leaders in their own industry. The high-pressure mist system can get air conditioning and refrigeration units to run up to 30% more efficiently. That is a considerable savings when you are talking about thousands of dollars being spent monthly in energy costs. If the cooling unit is not achieving the daily requirements of your industrial/commercial building, our Smartmist system will make it possible. Up to 40 degrees of cooling capacity can be gained with a pre- cooling system when applied to dry cooling towers. These systems can have a pay back on investment that is measured in days and weeks instead of months and years. Turbine pre- cooling systems can find that “sweet spot” for efficiency by cool misting the intake chamber.

Air Conditioner Misting

The system is designed and installed to use the pre-cooling mist in the process of increasing the heat exchange rate of industrial refrigeration and/or air conditioning units. Coil corrosion and scale build up is not an issue with the system. The Smart Pump System will ensure that the system only runs when appropriate. The mist is released directly by the condenser coil. The high pressure mist drops the air temperature while moistening the coil surface. The combination of these two processes achieve the fastest heat exchange possible. This means a substantial reduction in energy use and costs. Reductions of 20-25% are common, while some reductions have reached over 30%.

Installation only takes 1-2 days. Don’t wait! See the quick return on your investment in only a few months.

Dry Cooling Tower and Turbine Misting

A series of high-pressure pumps are used to feed the appropriate number of nozzles, which release the cooling mist directly into the intake chamber of the cooling unit. This can drop temperatures approximately 40 degrees at the intake chamber of the dry cooling units. The low intake temperatures will allow the cooling unit to run more efficiently. The efficiency allows the cooling unit to reach larger cooling demands as well. If you cannot achieve your required temperatures and your product or production is suffering, then your payback could be measured in days. Efficiency is key to any success. Let the Smartmist System keep you running efficiently while keeping your energy spending to a minimum.