Keep your guests comfortable at your outdoor wedding, birthday party or executive event. The options for renting temporary misting systems and fans is endless! The high pressure Cloudburst Cooling Systemsm will provide all those attending a comfortable atmosphere without getting them wet and sticky.

You do not get wet from the mist unless you stand within 6 feet of the direct nozzle. We can set up the fans and/or system to prevent this from happening. Please contact us so we can make your event a great time for everyone. Keep your family reunions, birthdays, weddings or outdoor party of any type “cool”.

Rentals can be used to keep your organizers, volunteers and participants cool and safe too during many outdoor events including marathons, carnivals, weekend auto sales/promotions and other commercial events.

Contact us so we can help you decide what your needs are and design the right rental system for you. We look forward to discussing your event and how we can help.