With the Hawkeye Cooling System and patio misting services, it’s EASY to be the envy of your neighbors! You have spent all that money on your back yard to make it a part of your living space, so it just makes sense to use it! Don’t head inside because it’s too hot. We make it easy!

Turn on your Hawkeye Cooling System that is powered by Cloudburst products and keep grilling those brats and burgers. There’s no reason to “sweat it out” any longer…just cool things off and enjoy your company, great weather, and tasty food.

Other benefits include the ability to keep the party outside instead of everyone heading into the house for air conditioning. Many of our customers have their outdoor kitchen, fireplace, pools and patio areas for a reason, so let us keep everyone cool, comfortable, and enjoying those outdoor living spaces longer. You will only get wet if you stand within 6 ft. of the nozzle.

Hawkeye also offers Mistcaping by simply placing nozzles in certain areas and clusters around your entertaining spaces, giving your landscape an intriguing “fog” appearance that also cools. It brings a whole new level of beauty to your landscape as the lights and water interact with the mist! It may be 90 degrees, but you and your company will be cool and dry.

Proper design and installation is a key factor to our system’s functionality and we have trained technicians experienced in installing Cloudburst products to ensure optimal performance.