There are many benefits to our system, making your restaurant’s patio or outside seating part of your operating space – even on the hottest days. Customers love the nostalgia of a misting system, and patrons that smoke can also enjoy those outdoor spaces as they dine. Our systems help restaurants gain new customers and increase customer flow. It’s easy!

Here’s How it Works

The ultra fine water droplets are pushed into the atmosphere and they quickly absorb the energy that is present in the surrounding environment during evaporation. The energy (heat) that is used during this change of state from liquid to gas is eliminated from the atmosphere. Then, the air is cooled by a natural process commonly known as evaporative cooling.

Benefits of Our System When You are Living in a Humid Climate

Any time evaporation can be achieved, so can evaporative cooling occur. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will be. If humidity is 80%, you can expect a drop of around 10 degrees. At humidity levels between 40% and 80% you can get as high as a 20 degree drop. And keep in mind, your patrons will only get wet if standing or seated within 6 feet of the nozzles.