Misting systems can do much more than keep you cool. Misting systems can be used to control dust and pollen and other safety and medical hazards. They can also be use to create a unique mistcaping that can enhance your outdoor landscape or gathering areas.

Dust Control

The correct design and installation of a mist system can suffocate small dust particles and keep them from staying airborne. In high problem areas, the dust can be taken out of the air by adding the high-pressure mist to the environment. Different dusts can cause medical issues and/or safety hazards on a jobsite. Getting the dust under control can help keep your lungs healthier while also taking certain explosive particles out of a high-risk setting. The Cloudburst high pressure misting system can help with dust control while keeping the people and equipment involved dry. The small microns of water are so small that the area around will stay dry.


A unique application of the Hawkeye Misting System will enhance any outdoor landscape and/or pool area. The growing trend of back yard pools, waterfalls and such has made “mistscaping” the newest landscape craze. By placing nozzles in certain areas and clusters, you can end up with an intriguing fog. It brings a whole new level of beauty to your landscape as the lights and water interact with the fog/mist. Any backyard pool, waterfall or pond can be turned into your very own mysterious oasis, making you the envy of all your neighbors! The mist can also serve as a privacy barrier. The right amount of fog can be achieved to give you privacy from the neighbor’s two-story house or maybe you don’t have the row of bushes all the way around your pool. It’s easy to make your home beautiful and cool at the same time!