Hawkeye Cooling¬†can keep your event, your athletes and spectators comfortable and safe. There’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoor activities offered all summer long. We “cool off” a wide selection of recreational activities that include little league soccer to high school softball to major league sports and marathons.

The increase in annual temperatures seem to be quite real and these high temperatures can be a dangerous element of all sporting events. We have all read or watched the tragic stories of heat related illnesses or even fatalities due to high temperatures.

Don’t let the heat ruin your fun. Drop the temperatures for your athletes with mobile fan systems at practice and game time. Your event would not take place if it wasn’t for all your organizers and volunteers, so make sure they are kept cool with their own fan or misting system. A “cool zone” is the perfect answer to help all those involved by keeping them safe and cool. The high-pressure fans and misting systems are used to cool off sidelines, dugouts and many other sports related settings.

Contact Hawkeye Misting so we can design and provide the appropriate cooling system for your setting. Our clients often consider a rental unit for the event, which is your own portable unit ready to travel as you do. Dropping temperatures on the field or sideline will make a huge difference for all those involved. The system will work in humid conditions without leaving you feeling soggy. Let our system professional, Ty Van Ryswyk, help you take the first steps towards keeping your athletes, fans and coaches all safe.