Irrigation System Maintenance

If you recently have had an irrigation or lawn sprinkler system installed at your home or business in and around the St. Louis Metro East Area, it is vitally important to ensure that the system is properly maintained in order to stay effective, particualry during times when high amounts of watering is required. Hawkeye Irrigation provides professional Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance in Edwardsville, Illinois as well as Irrigation & Lawn Sprinkler Maintenance in Belleville, Illinois and would be more than happy to assist you with any of your required needs.

At Hawkeye Irrigation, we don’t employ run-of-the-mill maintenance technicians. Our technicians receive continuous education and are equipped with the best tools the industry has to offer to help you with any lawn sprinkler needs. This allows them to fix any sprinkler problem in the most professional and efficient manner.

If you are located in or around the Edwardsville or Belleville areas in either Madison or St. Clair County, please contact us today to schedule an appointment for us to review all of your irrigation or lawn sprinkler system needs. Hawkeye Irrigation uses highly effective and proven techniques to ensure that your irrigation or sprinkler system remains in the best functioning condition possible year-round.

Any jobsite that Hawkeye has worked on will be entered into our customer database, which includes your location and contact information that makes maintenance a breeze. Our maintenance services include:

  • An annual service program for spring/fall services which includes turn on, winterization and backflow test (for those using the public water system)
  • We also offer a mid-season visit to your system to check its working condition and apply the hot weather adjustments.
  • Professional technicians ready for anything from a leaky sprinkler head to pool installation repairs, water conservation upgrades, zone add-ons and complete installs.
  • Our years in business have allowed us to build a client list that will ensure our continued operations.
  • Competitive professional service rates.

We are always ready to help you. Just contact us for an appointment.