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Insect Misting Systems

It’s time to escape the smell of citronella candles and bug repellent, because there is a solution! If you have ever experienced the unpleasantness of mosquitoes, flies, spiders, fleas, gnats, wasps, roaches, or ants around your home, pool or yard in the St. Louis Metro Area, Hawkeye has the perfect solution for you. We are the area’s largest provider and installer of Insect Misting Systems in Edwardsville, Illinois and Insect Misting Systems in Belleville, Illinois.

Hawkeye Insect Misting Systems can provide a safe, unique and cost-effective solution to finally take back your outdoor space. Installing a customized misting system to the perimeter of your yard, pool, play area, agricultural or commercial property is the ultimate solution to ward off many common annoying insects.

Our Insect Misting System provides our customers with a free, tailored estimate and installation design, specific to your space. Popular spaces include backyards, docks and barns.

Getting Started

The first step in the Hawkeye Insect Misting System is having a visit from one of our fully trained professionals. They will provide a free, customized estimate based on the dimensions and coverage of your designated outdoor space.


Once all is approved by you and our professional, the discreet, stainless steel, non-drip nozzles are strategically placed throughout the outdoor space. Chrome nozzles complement the various tubing colors available to coordinate with your space.


The nozzles will automatically spray a fine mist of ultra-low concentration of Pyrethrum at intervals which you designate – generally twice a day at dusk and dawn. It takes about one minute per spray interval. The convenient remote activator allows you to spray if you’d like additional misting prior to an outdoor activity.

With a simple installation and simple operating needs, you’re ready to rid your outdoor space of insects and get back outside. If you live in or near the cities of Edwardsville or Belleville, Illinois, Please call us today at 618.887.9440 to schedule a free estimate!


Our Systems In Action