If you are looking to install an outdoor cooling system

If you are looking to install an outdoor cooling system at your business or home, Hawkeye Cloudburst Cooling System can help! This amazing cooling works by forcing water through specially designed nozzles, creating a small “fog” of ultra fine water droplets. With high-pressure mist cooling, you can get even smaller droplets of water, as little as 5 microns. Our misting systems can create an oasis for a surface area larger than a football field, with just one gallon of water! Imagine the cooling potential you have for your outdoor patio, deck or pool!

The tiny water droplets absorb quickly into the heat of the air and evaporate, becoming water vapor, cooling the air in the environment around you. The lower the relative humidity in the air, the more water can be vaporized allowing more heat to be removed. Essentially, when temperatures reach their peak during the day, humidity is generally at its lowest point allowing our systems to do their job, keeping you cool enough to enjoy the outdoors for longer periods of time.

Clients and landscapers are also now using misting systems to create a “fog” affect in backyards. This technique is called “Mistscaping”, and can create a privacy barrier from neighbor’s homes, add ambiance to your backyard oasis, and keep guests cool from the summer heat.

If you are looking to add character to your outdoor living spaces while making those spaces more functional than ever imagined, it may be time to contact Contact Hawkeye Systems for more information. Contact us at 618-887-9440 or find us on Facebook.

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