The Hawkeye Irrigaton Temporary Sprinkler System!

Hawkeye Irrigation is constantly looking for new products, better methods and different options for our customers. This constant process assures that we can bring our customers the best product, service and satisfaction. The new Hawkeye Temporary Sprinkler System that has been designed by the owner, Ty Van Ryswyk, may be the next big thing in irrigation. Homeowners, builders and developers will benefit from the temporary system. Athletic feilds, as well as the field crews that oversee them, have also benefited from the temporary irrigation system. You can have and enjoy the benefits of a sprinkler system without paying the full price of a permanently installed system.

The Hawkeye Temporary Sprinkler System is fully automated and is as efficient as a permanent system. The system design and head layout is set up just as a permanent system would be. The existing hose bibs are used to supply water to the system. Battery operated controllers are used to operate the system. The heads remain above grade and attached to stakes that are pounded into the ground in the appropriate spots. By using these methods, there is no permanent changes or work that has to be done to the house or property. The yard will not be dug up and the plumbing will not be messed with. There will be no need for holes to be drilled or trenches to be dug. The automated system will also be able to run at the appropriate times (very early morning). Hawkeye professional installers and technicians will design and set up the system. Once the rental period is over, they will return to take the system down. The standard rental period is 6 weeks, but is negotiable. The rental price is based on the size of the area to be watered. A general price range for the temporary system will be $500 to $1200 depending on the area to be watered.

Builders and developers can save money in more than one way with the Hawkeye Temporary System. New home construction leads to a new yard installation as well. A more expensive permanent sprinkler is not always in the budget for these homes. Contractors pay for sod and seed to be put down all the time. These new yards are an investment. But then the builders find themselves spending a ton of money on wasted water, employee wages and bad spots in the yard. They try to water with store baught sprinklers that are inefficient and waste water. They also over water in areas and leave other areas dry as a bone, which leads to bad spots that will have to be fixed. An employee is also being paid to stay on-site or constantly go back to move the sprinkler to different spots. A Hawkeye Temporary Sprinkler will save these contractors money and time due to being automated and designed as efficiently as a permanent system.

Homeowners continue to spend thousands of dollars on the outside of their homes. Outdoor living spaces and backyard pools are constantly being installed. The installation of these outdoor luxury living areas can tear up a lot of the yard. A temporary system can be used to water in these areas that have been repaired at the end of construction. Usually new sod is needed on the path they used to get product to the site as well as the new grass around the new landscaped area/pool. Hawkeye Temporary Systems can also be used to water the landscape bushes and flowers. You may just need to water long enough to get the bushes or grass rooted in and then nature will take over. This temporary system will ensure that your investment stays alive and you don’t get wore out chasing hoses and sprinklers around the yard all day and all weekend. We’ve had homeowners cut down multiple trees or one very large tree that starved the yard of grass. Now that area will get son but a temporary system will help get the new sod or seed to take root.

Athletic field crews are constantly battling abused parts of their fields. Even if the field is irrigated, they may not want to irrigate everything else to get that one area out of a stressed state. The temporary irrigation system can save them from overwatering other areas and wasting water. They may have a field that is not irrigated and a temporary system can be used to keep the over used areas looking as good as the surrounding areas.

The Hawkeye Irrigation Temporary Sprinkler System can benefit one and all. I see this being one of Hawkeye’s biggest contributions to the irrigation industry.