Time for Misting and Irrigating, 2017 Spring is Almost Here!



The very mild winter season means one thing; a HUGE BUG problem.  Many of the annoying, biting and virus carrying insects will be in full force this spring.  They have already shown up in certain areas.  Protect your family, friends, animals and back yard with a Hawkeye Insect Misting System.  The botanical solution is people and pet friendly.  A system for your outdoor area can be installed within hours and activated immediately.  Our trained technicians will visit your system every 3-4 weeks to make sure your system is working properly.  We want you to enjoy the outdoors without being annoyed and bitten by bugs.  The Hawkeye Misting System instantly kills over 60 flying insects.  You need to consider having our owner, Ty Van Ryswyk, out to your sight and discuss the options.   Wes Nile, Zika and other viruses are for real.  You need to protect your family and friends from these major viruses that cause serious illness.  Again, it will only take about 15 minutes of your time to get a free system consultation and quote.  The misting system is a constant daily application to treat your bug problem; instead of a monthly spray or fog that loses potency with time and weather.




The 2017 Winter season is almost over.  There are many things that are about to happen around all of our households.  The spring cleaning, yard work and Honey Do Lists will be at the top of our priority lists.  Making your home look inviting starts with some nice cleaned up landscape and a beautifully manicured lawn.  Let Hawkeye Systems help get your yard up to par by getting your in-ground lawn sprinkler activated for the season.  Our technicians will go through the system, zone by zone making sure all components are working properly.  Coverage of turf and landscape will be optimized by adjustements and system settings.  If you do not have an in-ground lawn sprinkler, then it is time to call Hawkeye Systems.  Ty Van Ryswyk, the owner, will be more than happy to meet and hand you a free quote.  A meeting to get the free quote will not take more than 10-15 minutes of your time.  You owe it to yourself to meet with Ty and see how a Hawkeye Irrigation System can save you money (wasted water) and hours of your time (dragging hoses).

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